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Food & Drink

Healthy eating habits

As a parent, you find a healthy and responsible diet very important for your child. The same applies to us. The first years in particular are vital for the development of healthy eating habits. Your child also learns table manners. We deploy a clear nutritional policy. For instance, we ensure set times for eating and drinking, healthy snacks and we encourage children to drink water. Responsible meals and evening meals are also vital for older children. Your child will feel fitter and that will be expressed in positive behaviour.

Careful menu composition

At the childcare centre and the care centre outside school hours, we serve fresh hot meals. A chef prepares these meals in our own kitchen. Everything is made from fresh, even the sauces. The menus are composed in consultation with a nutritionist. With us, your child receives all the nutrients that he or she needs. Of course, we take into account special dietary needs, for instance due to an allergy or a religious belief.

Both diet and exercise

As well as learning healthy eating patterns, we focus on sufficient exercise. As a starting point, we use the action programme ‘Rotterdam Lekker Fit!’ (Rotterdam Nice and Fit!). A fitter child is a healthier child, but especially also: a happier child. We are pleased to contribute to this. Our location Kipstraat is already using the program Rotterdam Nice and Fit!

Would you like more information about healthy nutrition at our childcare centres in Rotterdam?