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Closing Days 2018

Closing days 2018

We are open all year. We are closed during the public holidays. Below are the closing days and early closure for 2018. Put the following closing days in your calendar,…

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Joey Runs For Voor Sara

Joey runs for Voor Sara

Children with the MDC1A muscle disease will never be able to run a marathon. Joey van der Meijde, financial employee at Kinderopvang Het Steigertje, is running the Rotterdam marathon on…

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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017

Customer satisfaction survey 2017

In early May, you received a survey from research firm Tevreden.nl, in which we asked for your experience with our childcare. Fortunately, many parents have used this opportunity to share…

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Open on saturday for Sophia

Join our childcare on saturday! Childcare Het Steigertje opens June 17th, the day before Father's Day, her doors especially for all our children from all Het Steigertje locations in Rotterdam centre.…

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Tiny Moments

Tiny moments

What’s your favourite memory from this year? I often get caught up in the ‘big moments’ of parenting, putting so much energy into preparing good food, creating exciting adventures, planning…

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