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Quality and certification

Qualtiy and certification are incredibly important. A variety of regular inspections are conducted by various different authorities in order to guarantee our quality.

Qualified staff

The pedagogical staff who work with the children are all qualified in accordance with the Childcare CLA standards. Their working methods can be found in our pedagogical policy plan. A CGB (Certificate of Good Behaviour) is submitted before they commence employment. The Childcare Act is the starting point where the size of the group and the number of pedagogical staff members in relation to the number of children is concerned.

Parent committee

The parent committee is actively involved and provides advice regarding various policy matters. These matters are recorded in the ‘parent committee regulations‘. A meeting will take place with the location manager once every two months per location and once every two months with the central parents committee, during which the chairmen will discuss matters with the Het Steigertje Director. Reports from these meetings will be available to all parents.

Childcare supervision

The GGD carries out annual inspections on behalf of the Municipality of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, in order to assess whether Het Steigertje adheres to the regulations set out by the Childcare Act. The GGD provides us with a written inspection report and provides the Municipality with appropriate advice.