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Customer satisfaction survey 2017

In early May, you received a survey from research firm, in which we asked for your experience with our childcare. Fortunately, many parents have used this opportunity to share their experience with us. Your feedback (or customer satisfaction) determines whether our policies works in practice and is therefore very important. Thanks for that.

customer sastisfaction

Customer satisfaction at Childcare organisation Het Steigertje

Summary research

In total, 228 parents gave us feedback and these parents rated our organization with a magnificent 8.4. Below are the general results outlined in the research. Feedback specific to a location will be shared with the parents in question from that location.

Educational staff

Our pedagogical staff (pm’ers) are recommended highly positive. The words “sweet, very involved and paying attention to the children,” came back regularly. We think stability on the group is very important from an educational point of view. Therefore, we always do our very best to minimize personal changes.


The hot meals between the afternoon at the childcare center at the after school care venues are experienced as pleasant and easy. We are proud that our cooks prepare a delicious hot meal every day for all children. It is good for you to know that there is a nutritional advice when the menus are compiled or modified. Variation in the menu is important, and this nutritionist will ensure that it is eaten healthy and responsible.

Digitalization and exchange of days

A large number of parents gave importance to digitizing within our organization. This makes it easier to understand your own data, keep track of child development, and exchange days. Next year there will be a comprehensive package including an older portal. This parent portal is easily accessible with an app from a smartphone or an URL. The above-mentioned points will therefore become much more insightful and changes can then be quickly and easily implemented.

Activities and outdoor space

Weekly music and dance classes in the day care centers and dance classes at the after school care in collaboration with Codarts are highly appreciated. In addition, creativity and moving together are of great importance and we will continue to do so in the future. At the location Kipstraat a pilot has been launched with the Rotterdam Lekker Fit program! Inspired by this program we start in many places with food items, so our outdoor space at the location becomes a bit greener and very educational for children. The focus is also on additional planting at all our locations.

Hygiene and other matters

We do our very best to clean every group daily according to a cleaning schedule, despite this rule hygiene is not always considered as optimal. We will improve this schedule so that the locations are as clean as possible throughout the day. The opening hours are experienced as well and appreciated by you. In addition, you have indicated that the atmosphere at the locations is very pleasant and gives a welcome feeling. A nice compliment.


The results of the research are distributed locally, after which location management and the team will be working on the issues. We would like to thank you for your feedback and appreciate the many compliments we have received. In the meantime, if you want to share your findings with us about a location or organization, we would appreciate it.

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