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Forms for our parents

Exchange of days

You may occasionally need to change a childcare day, for whatever reason. This will often be perfectly possible, but sometimes personnel planning doesn’t allow for this. In order to allow us to assist you as efficiently as possible, we would like to ask you to use the exchange day form when you want to exchange a day. Exchanging days is subject to a number of conditions:

  •  Only requests that are submitted in the group at least 48 hours before the day that you wish
    to exchange will be processed. This request should be confirmed by the parent/guardian via
    an application form or e-mail.
  • An exchange day can only take place if the number of children and pedagogical staff
    members present according to the schedule in the group/cluster allow it.
  • Exchange must be within the group or specific cluster.
  • The days of the exchange must be within 2 weeks.
  • Exchange days are person-specific and cannot therefore be transferred to another child.
  • If the assigned exchange day cannot be used, for whatever reason, it will lapse.
  • Exchange days cannot be used for days missed in the past.
  • The exchange agreement can only be reversed if that still fits within the child/staff member
    ratio and should be confirmed by the parent/guardian via an application form or e-mail.
  • It’s only possible to exchange days in the same holiday week at the after school care.
  • Exchange is an extra service, not a right.
  • There can be no exchange between packages offered by Het Steigertje.

Our application form for an exchange day

Forms for parents

We would very much like you to discuss any improvement points, compliments or complaints directly with the pedagogical staff member or the location manager. They will do everything within their power to satisfactorily resolve any issues. However, should it not be possible to reach a satisfactory solution, the Director-Board Member will enter into discussions with you in order to resolve the situation. You have the option of contacting the internal complaints committee if you are not satisfied and following this, or immediately, the external complaints committee: The Childcare Disputes Committee. We are always grateful for any suggested improvement points and will do everything possible to continue to provide a top quality service. The procedure is described in the complaints regulations, which you will receive during the intake.

Compliments FormComplaints Form and Improvement Points Form