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How do you reach the parent portal and app?

Logging into Het Steigertje Parent Portal is very simple. You can reach the parent portal with the following URL: or click on ‘parent portal’ on our website.
You will receive a username and password per mail, with which you can log in. You will be asked to change the password immediately after logging in.

Read the app or portal in English

Would you prefer to see the app in English? Then change your settings. Under the heading ‘mijn gegevens’ you go to ‘mijn instellingen’ and change ‘language preference into English’.

The Steigertje app for parents

Parent portal and app
Parent portal and app

You can also download a special parent portal app for your smartphone. This can be found in the App Store of Apple and at Google Play for Android phones and tablets. You can find the App by searching on Konnect OuderApp. After you have installed the App you must enter three data to access the Parent Portal via the App:

Domain name: and your received username and password.

The app remembers the username and password, giving you quick access to the latest photos, messages and notes in the notebook.

 What can you see?

In our portal you can view pictures taken on your child’s group, read the notebook, read messages from employees or the manager and write notes in the notebook. At the moment that suits you the best you can read how the day of your child has expired. In addition to the daily experiences of your child, you can also arrange your administrative affairs such as: requesting extra days or unsubscribe.

Treat photos neatly

As a parent you have the possibility to download photos. We therefore strongly urge you to treat photos with integrity. Especially photos that also show children of other parents. Remember that the other parent may object to the fact that you are publishing photos of his or her child and you do not do so without asking.

Caring for child(ren) always has priority over reading and responding to messages

Through the portal you can send messages, but also receive messages from us. Your message arrive at the group and when the employee has the time, she or he will read the messages and, if possible, answer. The advantage for the employee is that he looks at the messages when it suits him or her. When an employee has a baby on the arm and the phone rings, this is quite difficult. With the messages they decide when there is time to answer.

For you, as a parent, it is important to know that care for the children always has priority over answering messages. It will never be our main goal to answer your message as quickly as possible. However, we do our best to respond to you promptly when the situation requires it. In addition, we will not have a discussion via the message screen. Personal contact with you as parent is paramount and personal matters we would like to discuss personally.

We wish you a lot of fun with the app and the parent portal.

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