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Interim manager Childcare Het Steigertje

Carla Raben has been appointed by the Supervisory Board of Childcare Het Steigertje as interim manager. She’s started on July 13, 2017 and takes over the duties and activities of Yvonne van de Panne. In the first period, she focuses on safeguarding the strength of Het Steigertje. This first phase is expected to take four months. Afterwards, she will examine, in close consultation with the Management Team, how the future of Het Steigertje can be maintained and strengthened.

Interim manager Carla Raben at Childcare The Steigertje

Carla Raben

Interim bestuurder Kinderopvang Het Steigertje Carla Raben

Carla Raben is educated as a social psychiatric nurse and administrative expert. Gradually, she has focused more on policy and management and has been an independent entrepreneur since 2013. Her clients are; Hospitals, elderly care, municipalities and GGD’s. In her last assignment she worked for VPTZ Nederland, the umbrella organization for palliative-terminal care. For her it is special now to be able to do an assignment for a target group still at the beginning of life, the children who visit Het Steigertje.

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