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Joey runs for Voor Sara

Children with the MDC1A muscle disease will never be able to run a marathon. Joey van der Meijde, financial employee at Kinderopvang Het Steigertje, is running the Rotterdam marathon on behalf of these children, in order to raise as much money as possible for Voor Sara.

Joey van der Meijde will be running the Rotterdam Marathon on 8th April. This will be a very special edition for Joey, as he is running for Voor Sara. This foundation is raising money for research into MDC1A muscle diseases. Het Steigertje loves the fact Joey is raising fund

Joey van der Meijde rent Voor Sara

Joey van der Meijde rent Voor Sara

s for this excellent charity, ‘We are supporting Joey with a nice donation for the Foundation and are helping him to raise more donations’, according to Kinderopvang Het Steigertje’s interim director, Carla Raben.


What can you do for Voor Sara?

The older children at our locations are making money boxes in order to support Joey in his mission. The children can use these to ask for donations within their own families. These money boxes will be collected at the location and Het Steigertje will make sure any money raised is added to Joey’s collection. He will donate the entire funds raised straight to the foundation after the marathon. Would you like to make an online donation? This is also possible via the Voor Sara website.

RTV Rijnmond is following Joey too!

RTV Rijnmond is following six special runners in the run-up to the marathVoor Saraon, who form the Rijnmond Running Team together. Joey is one of the runners who forms part of this team and he will be followed on his way to the marathon. You can read all about the highs and lows of his journey towards the marathon in his vlogs.

More about the Voor Sara Foundation

The Voor Sara Foundation was founded at the end of 2016 by Sara Verbrugge’s parents. Sara is a little girl from Dordrecht with the incurable MDC1A muscle disease. Children with MDC1A usually do not grow very old, so her parents have been 100% committed to Sara and all the other children with this horrendous muscle disease since her diagnosis.

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