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A sick child, so now what?

Of course all children can get ill from time to time. This can happen whilst at the care facilities, but naturally also whilst at home. During any illness, we look out for the sick child’s wellbeing, but also whether the pedagogical employees can give the sick child the extra attention he or she needs, as well as any possible consequences for the other children. How high a child’s temperature is doesn’t necessarily indicate the severity of the illness. A child can be clingy and ill without having a high temperature. In these situations you therefore may be asked to come and collect your child. Sick children feel most comfortable in a quiet environment, where they can receive all the attention they need. Het Steigertje follows the GGD’s guidelines in case of illnesses. You can read more about possible exclusions here.

Excluding a sick child

There are a number of contagious and possibly quite serious diseases which will result in the sick child not being able to attend Het Steigertje, as this would pose too great a risk for the other children and employees to also become infected. This temporary exclusion of sick children as a result of the contagion risk to others is referred to as ‘exclusion’. You will find a yellow notice on the entrance doors to the locations, providing information regarding any currently prevalent (infectious) childhood diseases and information regarding these diseases. If a contagious childhood disease poses a possible risk to a pregnant woman and her unborn child, this will be indicated by displaying a pictogram with a pregnant woman on the yellow notice.

Please contact the group’s location manager or pedagogical employee before you bring in your child if you are in any doubt as to whether your child is too ill to attend.

Read also our pedagogical policy.

Het Steigertje has four child cares in the center of Rotterdam, here we welcome children from the age of 0 to 4.

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Het Steigertje offers quality child care for children from 2 to 4 years. We will prepare your child playfully for school.

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A child care location in the center of rotterdam where children form 4 to 13 years can come after school and during holidays.

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