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Open on Saturday 25th November!

Het Steigertje will be open on Saturday 25th November; just over a week before St Nicholas. This will give you the perfect opportunity to perhaps do a bit of secret shopping in town. We will be offering a fun and enjoyable programme from 10.00 to 15.00 hours at the Mariniershof, Groot Handelsgebouw and Van Brakelstraat locations. It goes without saying we will also be organising a delicious and healthy lunch. We will only be charging €10.00 per family for this care and all proceeds wilZaterdag openl be going to the Sophia Children’s Hospital. You can register with your group’s pedagogical employee.

Het Steigertje forms part of the “Vrienden van Sophia” (Friends of Sophia) Foundation

Het Steigertje opens its doors on a Saturday twice a year in order to raise funds for the Sophia Children’s Hospital, whilst simultaneously also giving parents the opportunity to go out and do something together. We can therefore effectively combine a charity with an extra service for our parents. Sometimes a stay in the Sophia hospital is essential, whilst at the same time you are naturally hoping this stay will be made as pleasant as possible. This is exactly what the Vrienden van Sophia Foundation is committed to achieve through fundraising.

Sophia Kinderziekenhuis

Het Steigertje is Bedrijfsvriend Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam.

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