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Parent portal and app are coming

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Het Steigertje considers it important that you have a very good idea of ​​what is happening between bringing and picking up your child (ren). That is why we are going to work with a parent portal and app under the name Konnect. Behind the scenes we are, of course, already busy with all our preparations. At the Mariniershof location, our pedagogical staff are testing the new system for a number of weeks already. After this pilot, the other locations will also work with this portal. The personal contact with you as a parent is and remains the most important thing.

24/7 safely accessible

Parent portal

The parent portal is accessible 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. Via the app or the portal you can digitally report absences (sickness and holidays) of your child and you can request exchange days, extra days of care and use your funds. In addition to the administrative matters that you can arrange via the app, you can also view photos taken on your child’s group, read the notebook, read messages from employees or the manager.
Het Steigertje thinks the privacy of your child and your data are very important. The app is therefore a secure and protected environment for sharing information. During the development of the parent portal and app, high demands were made on security. As a result, we determine as an organization which parents and employees have access to certain information. In addition, all data is stored securely.

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