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What does childcare cost?

We can calculate the childcare costs at Het Steigertje for you. Then you know what to expect if you make use of our childcare, toddler care or after school care (BSO). Your data will not be saved, but will give a good impression of the cost. Of course, you can also compare the costs for different types of care or packages. So you not only have good care for your children, but also care that fits perfectly within your budget.

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How much childcare allowance will you receive?

If you work, you will be eligible for childcare allowance. The Steigertje is registered in the National Register Childcare and Kindergarten (LRKP), which is necessary to qualify for childcare allowance. The maximum hourly rate for your childcare allowance is € 7.18 (2017). The costs above this amount will not be refunded. In the net calculation, this refund is calculated in the price.