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Rates for Toddler playschool or preschool

All toddlers can attend the preschool with preschool education (VVE), regardless of whether both parents work. Parents pay an income-based contribution subsidized by the municipality or tax authorities. The municipality of Rotterdam or tax authorities refund a large part of the costs, but due to the high-quality requirements that Het Steigertje places on its provision of services, Het Steigertje charges a slightly higher hourly rate than is refunded.

There are two possibilities

1. Do both parents work or are you a single parent who works?

You therefore fall under the regulations of the Childcare Act. This means that you can apply to the Tax Authorities for the Childcare Allowance (proforma calculation). In addition, if you study, are following a programme for finding work or are doing an obligatory integration course (inburgeringscursus) at a certified organization, you can apply for a Childcare allowance. This also applies to the allowance partner. Visit the Tax authorities for more information or make a test calculation. In this way, you will receive a refund from the tax authorities for a part of the amount that you pay for the childcare. You pay the childcare organization the gross hourly rate. You can then apply to the Tax authorities for a refund of part of that amount. You pay a personal contribution yourself.

2. Do one or both parents not work or are you a single parent and do not work?

You do not fall under the regulations of the Childcare Act. This means that you cannot apply for a Childcare allowance. We will then charge you directly the amount that is mentioned in the income-based parent contribution table.

Please note: the amounts mentioned in this table are exclusive of the costs that Het Steigertje calculates. For the rate which applies to your situation, please contact the Planning and Placement department: (010) 206 07 11, visit  or ask a question via our contact form.

Extra subsidized hours with Extra Playing and Learning from the CJG

If parents have an Extra Playing and Learning indication for their child from the Centre for Youth and Families (CJG), from the age of two and a half, as well as the five or six hours which must be paid for, their child will also receive six hours of extra subsidized childcare. The municipality will refund these hours. Read here for more information.

Would you like immediate insight into the rates? Then make a test calculation using our net cost calculator.

Gross rates overview for toddler playschool as of 01/01/2019
Gross rates overview for toddler playschool as of 01/01/2020


Het Steigertje has four child cares in the center of Rotterdam, here we welcome children from the age of 0 to 4.

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